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Introducing CBDossier

Introducing CBDossier
By CBDossier • Issue #1 • View online
Hello and welcome to the first edition of CBDossier. Glad to have you here. Let’s begin with a brief introduction.
What is CBDossier? It’s a newsletter for people who are interested in CBD. The goal is to help you better understand this still relatively new topic, whether you’re a consumer, work in the industry, or are curious for other reasons. CBDossier will provide comprehensive information, share authentic experiences, and seek out hard-to-find answers that are important to you.
Why do we need CBDossier? There’s been quite a bit talked and written about CBD in the last couple of years, about its suggested benefits and possible harms, and how it has created a booming new industry. New regulations and extraction methods have made CBD available for a much broader range of people, who might not have been interested in cannabis otherwise.
But even so, it’s surprisingly challenging to find genuine and cohesive information, and answers to questions that a growing number of CBD-curious people have. And it gets even more complicated in light of the regulation chaos in the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world, and the lack of research. This is why CBDossier set out to help navigate and further explore the ever-changing CBD landscape.
What you can expect from this newsletter: Based on the principles of journalism, CBDossier will be guided by what you want to know. This newsletter exists to cover topics and questions that are important to you.
CBDossier is not advocating for any particular CBD products or brands, nor for using it in general. As a former business reporter turned product and engagement strategist, I will always be a journalist at heart. That means that I’m deeply committed to the ethics of journalism and to seeking out information and answers that help you form your view on CBD. I will digest news, research, and regulation, talk to experts and provide context.
But CBDossier is also about sharing knowledge and personal experiences, with the goal to give back to the CBDossier community. That’s what you’ll find in the CBDiaries section further down. Ultimately, we all benefit from learning about other perspectives, and collectively bridging the knowledge gaps.
As CBDossier is my passion project, I might not have answers to your questions or a new edition right away. But I promise to take it all in and make use of it for this newsletter.
How you can support CBDossier: Beyond reading the newsletter and sending your thoughts and questions, you can share CBDossier with anyone who might find it useful. If you’re open to sharing your personal experience with CBD, you can contribute to CBDiaries here.
Thank you for following along.

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The Latest
Californians, You May Find a Cancer Warning on Your CBD Products. Despite being federally legal, CBD products with the slightest trace of THC require a Proposition 65 warning as of January 3rd, 2021.
A Prop 65 warning on the packaging of a CBD vape pen.
A Prop 65 warning on the packaging of a CBD vape pen.
As Calfornia added THC to a list of chemicals that may cause reproductive harm, companies selling CBD products that may contain negligible amounts of THC are advised by lawyers to apply the warning to avoid liability. This may confuse consumers who might have heard that CBD could help side effects of cancer treatment and slow the growth of cancer cells. We’ll dig into it some more in a future CBDossier edition. (Send me your questions and concerns.)
In Other News
Brexit: Access To CBD Medicine Lost
CBD Benefits for the Skin
CBD Kills Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
With the goal of sharing authentic experiences and bridging knowledge gaps, CBDiaries collect personal accounts from readers to give back to the CBDossier community. If you’d like to contribute, please fill out this form.
CBDiary #1: Sabela, 31, from Hamburg, Germany
I first became interested in CBD: A visit to L.A. in September 2019 opened up my mind to cannabis consumption. I wanted to experiment with CBD and how it made me feel exceeded my expectations. I’ve been taking it ever since almost on a daily basis. 
How I could tell that it worked for me: In the beginning, the change was dramatic. Whenever I was feeling anxious, a couple of drops of CBD would make me feel wonderfully relaxed. I introduced it into my daily routine, and when I stopped taking it, I felt that I missed it. Straight away I realized that I had been feeling better because of CBD.
My preferred form of taking CBD: I take drops (a dropper a day). I tried vaping, but it’s not my thing. I recently tried some really good CBD gummies and LOVED THEM. Also, CBD chocolate. I’m trying to experiment as much as I can to find out more about the effects and the best ways to take CBD for me. It’s is a gut feeling. I go by taking as much CBD as needed to be able to feel it.
Side effects: Sometimes it can make me feel tired. It helps me sleep better and deeper, but does not necessarily put me to sleep. It’s more a feeling of muscle relaxation than getting into sleeping mode.
Thank you for contributing, Sabela.
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